Create Market

Created markets cannot be canceled or refunded.
Please try publishing a test first through Devnet.
Are you curious about how to create one? View tutorial


Configure the mints for the tokens you want to create a market for.

Token2022 does not yet support market creation.


Configure the tick sizes, or lowest representable quantities of base and quote tokens.


Advanced Options

Total Rent + Fee Estimate

0.23 SOL

Use Advanced OptionsSet custom sizes for market accounts.
Market ID creation uses leased storage space on the Solana network.
Most of the fees are rent fees.

NaN bytes

NaN bytes

NaN bytes

Risk AgreementI confirm that I have confirmed all details and that I am fully responsible for creating the market.
Need at least 0.23 SOL to prevent transaction failure.
If your $SOL( 0.23 SOL ) balance is insufficient, your transaction may fail and you may only be charged a fee.
Dexlab does not provide support for problems that occur when creating on sites other than this site.
Inquiries regarding contract agreements and transactions should be directed to the OpenBook project.